Time to dust this off again.

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New “year” resolution: update this at least once a week.

Two thoughts:

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1) As the semester gets going, I will be supplementing class materials on Moodle with posts here.

2) What is the fascination in UIUX with glaring white and no installed default black backgrounds – some of us really don’t like headaches. Really. (I’m looking at Chrome 24’s default theme at the moment, and wondering where my shades are.)

Well, that’s better than it was…

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I have back entries!

Now I have to clean off all the uuuugly SQL-XML translation gobbledy-gook.

Without the Class Notes, I have a disturbing number of posts tagged “designed by ducks”.

Protip: bill signing photos should include the sponsors.

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Morgantown newspaper removes three legislators from front-page photo

Short version? A newspaper removed politicians from a photo of the signing a bill they sponsored. Why they were removed? Because paper policy is to not publish pictures of candidates who are currently running.

There is not enough “bwuh!?” in my vocabulary to cover all of the logic!fail in this.

Presentation commandments

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If you’ve never killed an afternoon watching TED talks, go there and come back here tomorrow. Keyword search something and just clickdrift.

Okay, back? TED’s put up a list of 10 presentation commandments. I’ll include them, since it’s good advice for any sort of presentations. Continue reading ‘Presentation commandments’

Old Spice Commercials and suffix-fail

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So I finally figured out why the new Old Spice commercial “Freshershist” bothers me. To quote, it uses a comparative/superlative pattern that follows: “Fresh” -> “Fresher” -> “Freshest” ->”Freshershist”

It’s the last one that bothers me. There’s a random ʃ insert in between the comparative suffix and the superlative – /frɛʃ/ + /ər/ + /ɛst/, but [frɛʃ +ər +ʃɨst]. Where does the fricative come from? It’s a contrastive articulation from the rhotic, so it’s not laziness.

Never mind that conceptually, it makes more sense to me to hear /frɛʃ/ + /ɛst/ + /ər/ – “freshester” (more freshest), since we’re comparing the freshest options.

Apple’s newest salvo at Adobe.

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Steve Jobs: Thoughts on Flash