Protip: Calendar

From Merriam Webster Online:


1 : a system for fixing the beginning, length, and divisions of the civil year and arranging days and longer divisions of time (as weeks and months) in a definite order — see month table

2 : a tabular register of days according to a system usually covering one year and referring the days of each month to the days of the week

3 : an orderly list: as a : a list of cases to be tried in court b : a list of bills or other items reported out of committee for consideration by a legislative assembly c : a list or schedule of planned events or activities giving dates and details

4 British : a university catalog


1: to press (as cloth, rubber, or paper) between rollers or plates in order to smooth and glaze or to thin into sheets

2: a machine for calendering something

3:a member of a Sufic order of wandering mendicant dervishes

…just saying.


~ by cjrecordvt on 2010/04/19.

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